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Richard Basuk

New York, NY
  • Richard Basuk in the photo 1

I am a runner first. That is, for 35+ years I have started my day with a run - until several years ago when after my morning run I had sharp pain along the undersurface of my left second toe. Unfortunately, it was only after 3 totally unsuccessful surgeries elsewhere that I went to see a foot and ankle surgeon at HSS. I should have seen him first, not fourth. His surgery on my foot (my fourth surgery) was just what I needed. He got me back to running where 3 other highly regarded and recommended foot surgeons did not. Three years later, I'm running at least 6 miles, 4 times a week. The foot feels great. In fact, I just ran my first Falmouth Road Race on Cape Cod this summer. What a treat. Kudos to my surgeon, PA and the fine staff at HSS.