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Paulette Didia

Brooklyn, NY
  • Paulette Didia in the photo 1

I am a 5 foot 105 pound petite woman in my late 60s who works part time as a dental assistant, and who went to the gym regularly. 2 years ago I was having difficulty walking with terrible pain in my hamstrings and my lower back. I went to doctor after doctor to find out what the pain was but to no avail. I later took an MRI, which showed I had lumbar stenosis with L4 and L5 herniation. I went to pain management and had a series of 3 epidurals to help with the pain. However, a few months later the pain came back. I couldn't handle the pain anymore and was willing to do anything to get rid of it- maybe surgery?

I went to a well-known spinal surgeon in NYU. He explained a surgery that would cut the stomach to insert bone graft between the spinal disks and then cut open my back to place a metal rod and pins. I was shocked. I didn't think I was ready for a surgery so intrusive like this. My sister in law recommended seeking another opinion and recommended Dr. Jordan Metzl. When I met Dr. Metzl he checked me out and suggested I go to park sports physical therapy instead of surgery. This physical therapy involved heavy Pilates two times a week for 2 months to strengthen my core. How can one doctor recommend surgery and one physical therapy? Wanting to do anything to avoid surgery I chose the physical therapy option. Now almost 5 months later I am almost back to my pre pain self and cant wait to go to the gym again. Thank you Dr. Metzl for saving my life.