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Lorraine Sholinsky

Croton on Hudson, NY
  • Lorraine Sholinsky in the photo 1

I was referred to Dr. Mayman from Dr. Sculco's office when Dr. Sculco could not do the knee replacement on my "Right" knee. By the time I consulted with Dr. Mayman, my left knee was nearly as bad as the right (which had been bad for 15 years). I asked him about bilateral knee replacement and he advised me of all the pros and cons of doing them at the same time, but the decision was mine. I decided to go with the both because I was in good shape and fairly sure that I would not want to return to do the second. Dr. Mayman spent a lot of time discussing the procedure with my husband and I. My surgery was on January 2, 2015 late in the day. HSS had me up and walking with a walker and a physical therapist the next morning. I was elated, even walked to use the bathroom! I remained at HSS for three days and received world class care. Everyone from the doctors, nurses, physical therapists, aids, etc. could not have been more friendly and helpful. I left HSS and continued to Burke Rehabilitation for 10 days where they worked me hard but with great results. I left Burke walking with one cane and could negotiate stairs, cars, curbs, and continued to improve in function in my home. I continued out patient therapy at Burke 2-3 times a week. I am now back cycling, taking my ballet and yoga classes, and able to walk 2-3 miles! I am very pleased that I am able to do all this in just under 4 months. I still have work to do to get back to the pace of cycling I enjoyed before the surgery but I am well on my way. Before the surgery at HSS, I could not walk a couple of blocks without being debilitated by knee pain. I would recommend HSS to anyone needing orthopedic surgery, it is a remarkable institution!