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Linda Erickson

Clinton Township, MI
  • Linda Erickson in the photo 1

Thanks to Dr. Lebl I was accurately diagnosed with misplaced screws that extended into my spinal muscles, and after 5 years he removed them and gave me my life back. A doctor here in Michigan performed surgery and the screws were in the wrong area. I came to HSS to get a diagnosis from our countries' best surgeons. Dr. Lebl did not disappoint. He accurately diagnosed me and performed the revision surgery. I awoke without the terrible pain down my leg that plagued me for five years. Now thanks to Dr. Lebl I'm able to participate in life once again. Before surgery I couldn't sit for more than 15 minutes without extreme pain in my back. I'm not only able to sit long, but I'm able to do so much more. I'm amazed at how different and well my back feels. Dr. Lebl literally gave me my life back. I'm so appreciative and cannot express my gratitude.