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Kristen B.

San Francisco, CA
  • Kristen B. in the photo 1

After waking up one morning with neck pain so severe I couldn’t lift my head without my hands for support to get out of bed, I first sought out a masseuse who after a few days had me feeling mostly normal. This happened two more times, and at that point I decided to seek help. After gathering all imaging, I decided I needed the very best given it was my neck and reached out to Dr. Todd Albert.

I had all my imaging and records sent to Dr. Albert, and he very quickly scheduled a call to talk about the findings. There were several ruptured discs that needed to be addressed. Over the course of the call, we discussed each layer of vertebrae, the discs that had ruptured, and what he would do to address them. At this point I agreed to surgery and started working with both Natisha and Betsy. Natisha as well as Betsy have been so helpful and kind to work with!

I flew in a couple of days early from San Francisco and had a thorough physical by Dr. Craig, who confirmed my vocal cords were healthy and met Dr. Albert in person to discuss again exactly what was going to be done.

The morning of surgery is always such a whirlwind. My pre-op nurse, Lauren Mohr, was an absolute gem and worked hard to speedily get me ready while keeping me happy. My anesthesiologist, Dr. Beathe, made me feel as comfortable as possible, and blasted Carrie Underwood “The Champion” (at my request!) on his phone as I was wheeled back to get prepared for surgery.

The operation was very successful! I have had one successful follow-up with Dr. Albert and will see him again in the fall. This team and the hospital are as impeccable as they could possibly be.

Thank you to Dr. Albert, Dr. Craig, Natisha, Betsy, Dr. Beathe and Lauren!