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Ken Brodsky

North Caldwell, NJ
  • Ken Brodsky in the photo 1

I'm a white collar weekend warrior who pretends my body is still in the same great condition it was "back in the day". The obvious problem is, of course, that's not how Father Time works. So in addition to my mountain biking, snowboarding, and ice hockey hobbies, I somehow thought it would be a good and age appropriate idea to learn mixed martial arts at the ripe age of 49.

Pushing ahead over my wife's prescient cautionary objections, I dove into MMA training 2-3 times per week. Not hardcore to become a fighter, but to learn the craft and get in great shape at the same time. By now you can assume where the story is going... I tore my left Bicep tendon and also my ACL in the left knee. To ensure the best care possible, I researched the best doc's and hospitals available to me and came across HSS and Dr. MacGillivray. I figured if pro athletes and teams were patients, then that's a pretty good indicator for me. I wanted a professional who has seen it all, so that if he comes across a surprise in surgery, he knows how to navigate it.

After consultation, I asked him to do both surgeries (Bicep and ACL) at the same time to minimize my time on the sidelines (I figured it's more time efficient that way). In December 2014 he performed the surgeries. HSS was terrific: Efficient, professional, caring. A ideal environment to have a double surgery. Dr. McGs office staff was thoughtful, experienced and caring (Pam & Veronica). And Dr. McGs work was equally impressive: he successfully mended both injuries in one shot. Double surgeries don't happen all that often , and he pulled it off like the pro he is.

He had me back on my feet and off crutches in no time. And after 6-8 months of therapy I was back to doing a lot of my pre-surgery exercise and activities. And two years later I'm back to training MMA albeit at a slightly slower pace. Now, I won't tell you I feel 100% or bulletproof as a result of the surgery. Perhaps, I never will and maybe feeling just 95% will be good enough & also keep me from physically pushing myself further than I should. Regardless of my physical future, I feel more at ease knowing Dr. McG and his team are there if I need them.