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Kathy Bixby

Mantoloking, NJ, NJ
  • Kathy Bixby in the photo 1
  • Kathy Bixby in the photo 2

On April 14, 2017, Dr. Friedrich Boettner performed a total left anterior hip replacement. I left the hospital 24 hours later on April 15, 2017. Prior to this, I spent my entire last summer in physical therapy and had a series of injections. When these remedies failed, Dr. Boettner explained in detail the surgical procedure, the expected outcome, and answered all of my questions. He is a very patience man who listens to all concerns.

After nearly two years of limping, along with groin and buttock pain due to arthritis, I opted for surgery. I regret not having it done sooner. Three to four weeks post-surgery I averaged a mile walk throughout the day. Today, after six total weeks post-surgery, I am back to walking my normal 12,000 steps a day (four miles, give or take). I also walk on the beach with my dog daily and have been since four weeks post surgery. Five weeks post-surgery I was back on my bike and slowly building up distance. I am planning on returning to the gym very soon, but am also finding slow and steady wins/won the race. I would like to think of myself as a success story, but really I owe it all to Dr. Boettner, Michelle, and the entire crew at HSS for a remarkable surgery and open communication. I feel grateful and blessed that I find myself entering back into the game, only this time without pain! Thank you, Dr. Boettner, thank you!