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Karen Lando

Staten Island, NY
  • Karen Lando in the photo 1
  • Karen Lando in the photo 2

Hi everyone, here’s my story. Three years ago this past January, I fell down 2 stairs missing the last one and my heel hit my stone floor in the foyer and shattered. After going to a local hospital, I was recommended to see Dr. Levine, a lifesaver. At the time I was 64 years old and working as a residency coordinator in my local hospital and expecting our first grandchild.

Yeah and so now I had to have surgery with hardware and nine screws put in my foot, not a bad surgery I must say. Overnight in the hospital and home to my 3 set of stairs home, which was not fun, but I survived.

My beautiful granddaughter was born 3 months after my injury and yes, I did everything with her on my scooter. My scooter and I became best friends for approximately 6 months. This injury is not fun, but anyone can survive. I had a wonderful husband who took very good care of me and I was back at work within a couple of months. I spent a lot of time in physical therapy also. Work was a little tough running around (or should I say not running around), but a year after my injury at 65 ½ I retired. Long story short, I am back to wearing heels (which I always loved). Not necessarily the ones I want, but feel like a lady again. Stylish shoes and sneakers that you want to wear is a hunting expedition, but can be done. I returned to Zumba classes 3 times a week 1 year after my injury modification of steps of course, but now I am proud to say back all the way. I do get a twinge now and again or step on something ridiculous it will make me yelp, but I feel very lucky. I now have 2 beautiful granddaughters I can proudly say I can certainly run after. My nickname before my injury was the “Roadrunner” and now my friends say I am back. Please always remember to never, never, never ever give up. It can be done! Thank you Dr. Levine!