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Judith Fleischer

Suffern, NY
  • Judith Fleischer in the photo 1
  • Judith Fleischer in the photo 2

My hip pain was so severe that I could feel it clicking every time I would stand from a sitting position. I was already bone-on-bone and understood that there was no alternative other than to have the replacement surgery.

I researched, and made an appointment with Dr. Eduardo Salvati and scheduled my surgery after my visit with him. Needless to say, I was a bit concerned, but upon speaking with a few friends it turned out that they had a family member or friend who had Dr. Salvati as their surgeon, and they were very pleased with his care.

HSS was amazing. They have it down to a science. There is no waste of time. They get you registered and they get you in, in a timely fashion. They made sure that I could walk with a walker and with a cane before allowing me to go home. They arranged for home care. A nurse came to the house as well as a physical therapist, during the first few weeks at home, a time I was not allowed to go out.

Dr. Salvati's office staff is caring and efficient. And although I read one woman's negative comment about Dr. Salvati's lack of bedside manner, I found him to be courteous and caring. I was looking for a capable surgeon not a companion. All in all my experience was a positive one.