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Joanna Trigg

Brooklyn, NY
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I came to Rock after being told that I had plantar fasciitis for almost two years by other podiatrists. I lost weight, did physical therapy, had 3 cortisone injections, icing, stretching, you name it, but my condition never improved. In fact, it worsened and spread to both feet. My feet became so painful that I walking became unbearable at times.

Rock was the only doctor to actually send me to medical testing: x-rays, ultrasounds, and an MRI. When Rock examined my feet, he noticed that my heels were warm to the touch and swollen. He knew as soon as he touched my feet that I never had plantar fasciitis, and what my diagnosis exactly was. Turns out I never had plantar fasciitis a single time in my life (imaging showed a totally intact plantar fascia). I have something called Baxter's Nerve Entrapment - swelling in my heels, which entraps the nerve, and can cause a lot of the same symptoms (i.e., burning and pulsing) in the heels. The ultrasound imaging showed swelling in both feet. Rock told me that my condition had been mistreated for so long that it would take me 6 months to a year to feel better.

Fast forward 10 months of getting treatments on the shockwave machine, my feet are so much better. In addition to the shockwave machine, he slowly introduced a regimen of anti-inflammatories, Voltaren gel, icing, gentle Achilles stretching, and wearing these great compression sleeves called Malleo trainers, and it worked. The range of motion, swelling, etc. is significantly improved. My pain is reduced. I can hike, walk, and dance again with hardly any pain. Just yesterday, I completed a 6 mile hike in sneakers. This would be a totally unimaginable feat without Rock and his staff.

Yes, it's expensive. At one point, I was going to Rock twice a week (I have to add though that Rock and his staff always help you submit your deductible to insurance). However, with my pain a lot more manageable, I am down to only once a month and eventually, once every 2 months, etc. Baxter's Nerve is a condition that requires constant upkeep and I will probably have to keep going to Rock for a while, but that's okay. The best part is that I didn't require surgery, which some podiatrists were recommending for me! Totally ridiculous! Rock has seen thousands of cases like mine where people have been misdiagnosed and been given incorrect advice. Seeing him is worth the money. I credit him and his office staff with giving me my quality of life back.

Also - I love the staff members at the office. Sharmilla, the secretary, is a doll and Molly, one of the technicians, is great with my feet! Thank you, Rock. You have truly given me my life back!