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Jessica Freedman

New York, NY
  • Jessica Freedman in the photo 1
  • Jessica Freedman in the photo 2

I am currently an actor in NYC and I work in fitness on the side, and in 2015 while I was studying voice at NYU Steinhardt I tore my MPFL and (unknowingly at the time of the tear) my meniscus. I was told by a surgeon who was a family friend that I would likely need a surgery with a 3-4 recovery max, so I accepted a summer job and was planning to have my operation before I left for the job. When I came in to see Dr. Shubin Stein I was told the tear was more serious than I thought, I would need a summer surgery with an 8 month-1 year recovery and I was devastated. The recovery was more intense than I could ever have imagined, it was almost a year and a half before I was back to 100%. I had to make many sacrifices, including removing myself from casting consideration for 5 university shows since I couldn't complete the dance part of the audition. In addition, instead of removing my meniscus Dr. Shubin Stein ingeniously repaired it, which also meant I had to come in once a week for 3 weeks post-op for very painful PRP injections - but it worked. I had the surgery at 19, and now at 23, I can do things I never thought I could, I took up both power lifting and running (something I was told I would likely never be able to do), and I hardly ever consider my knee as an inhibiting factor in my life. HSS completely changed my life and I am so grateful to Dr. Shubin Stein and to everyone who was involved in my procedure. I've uploaded a photo from 2015 of me walking for the first time with crutches after my surgery, and a recent photo taken after a boxing class this past summer.