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James McDaniel

New York, NY
  • James McDaniel in the photo 1

During the pandemic I began to have serious problems with my Achilles tendon. It felt like an extremely bad sprained ankle. I was reluctant to see a doctor because of COVID protocols. I was basically immobile. After a year I felt safe enough to see an orthopedist. I was given stretching exercises and a boot designed to stretch my Achilles tendon. My condition went from bad to worse. I am a fairly well known actor, and feared the loss of my career! I happened to speak to a close pharmacist friend about my dilemma. Immediately he said, “You need to see Dr. Rock Positano!” I said, Who’s that?" And he said he hears from his clients that Dr. Positano is a miracle worker. Immediately I scheduled an appointment and he performed a sonogram, and told me I had a tear, which was something my previous doctor never discovered. He told me, “I can fix this- without surgery." I started seeing him twice a week at 7:00am. Within a month and a half, I was back to walking, then running and carrying my clubs on the golf course. I’m back to shooting in the low 80s.

I come from a medical family. So I know doctors come in all varieties of capabilities, talent or caring. This man gave me a new lease on life. And for that I am eternally grateful.