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Charlotte Petersen

Toms River, NJ
  • Charlotte Petersen in the photo 1

This past month I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Quite an accomplishment since a few short years ago I could barely walk to my mailbox. I was just 53 and had been experiencing increasing leg pain for a few years. I was in constant pain. I made numerous trips to my local orthopedic doctor where I was incorrectly diagnosed with a back condition. After getting useless treatments and no results, a hip x-ray was performed and I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. I needed a hip replacement. I had no idea there was anything wrong with my hips and this was quite shocking news. I left and went to my car and cried. When I told my husband he insisted that I see only the best. That's when we found Dr. Gonzalez Della Valle and HSS. My experience with the Hospital was wonderful. From the moment I entered the door, every staff member treated me like a VIP. Dr. Gonzalez Della Valle is the kindest, caring doctor. He gave me my life back. I had both hips replaced 5 years apart and I couldn't be more grateful. I have total mobility and no pain. Now I can walk anywhere no matter how far, even the Brooklyn Bridge.