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Catherine Mills

Whippany, NJ

I am a volunteer firefighter and a paid EMT and my shoulder was beginning to hinder my ability to perform my job due to pain and limited mobility. After being examined by a local surgeon, I contacted HSS to obtain a second opinion for my shoulder condition, a posterior labrum tear.

I had an examination and consultation with Dr. Samuel A. Taylor, who was a great listener, showed a great deal of concern for my condition and performed and extremely thorough evaluation. After evaluating my shoulder Dr. Taylor recommended a physical therapy regimen to see if my problem could be solved. I liked his approach and his explanation for his course of treatment. After 3 months of physical therapy and a re-evaluation, Dr. Taylor recommended surgery.

Dr. Taylor and the staff at HSS were incredible. From the moment I arrived to my discharge that same day, the entire HSS team was there to care for me and keep my family informed of my progress.

I am now 1 year post surgery, pain free, and as flexible as ever. I am now able to pursue my dream of being a career Firefighter/EMT, helping others as HSS helped me.

Thanks to Dr. Taylor and the HSS team, I am back in the game!