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Barb "MOMZ-N-DA HOOD" Adler

Roslyn, NY

I am a 55 yr old Breakdancing Mom. We perform publicly and we raise money and inspire people to follow their dreams and passions, at any age. We were not "dancers" before. We are mothers, with careers and families, but all shared an untapped passion for doing something unique and different. We always say, "Anything's Possible At Any Age". Our Director, Lancelot Theobald, Jr., believes in us and helped us to become the first group of it's kind anywhere! I was sidelined due to hip pain. I "hid" my pain for two years. But my dance group noticed. Eventually, I was unable to walk my dog, go up and down stairs, and drive my teenage sons to their activities....MUCH LESS DANCE! Local orthopedists told me to "STOP DANCING". They told me I was getting too old and that I needed to stop. I made an appointment with Dr. Robert Buly at HSS and that is where everything changed. He LOVED that I danced, and wanted nothing more than to help me get back into MY game of breakdancing at my age. I had my Total Hip Replacement on Sept, 29, 2015. I was up and walking on the same day. I was home on the road to my recovery in two days. Four months post surgery, I was back in the dance studio with my group. I am about to be 56 years old, and HSS has turned the clocks back for me. They didn't replace just my "hip", they replaced my whole LIFE! I even danced with Dr. Buly at my 6 week check up!