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Andrea Cotter

New York, NY

About 10 years ago both my daughter and my best friend looked at my legs, which were always one of my best features, and said: "What's going on with your knees? Why do your legs look crooked?" I sort of brushed it off because my legs were never really straight but if I was honest with myself they were starting to hurt going up steps, riding my bike and taking walks in New York City. I kept switching shoes thinking it was arch support, I took supplements and wouldn't even listen to anyone talk about knee replacements.

Fast forward about 5 years and I met Dr. Gregory DiFelice, who said "when you are ready, you'll know it." In 2016 I had had enough pain and I had seen my father who suffered from osteoarthritis go from a walker to a wheelchair by the time he was 85. There was no way I wanted to live that way and I planned on living and being active a very long time.

Dr. DiFelice told me about partial knee replacements and said I needed them on both knees. I decided to give it the green light and did the right knee in May 2018. By July 2018 I was walking up and down cobblestone streets in Croatia. I had the left knee done in January 2019 and by June 1st I was on a bike tour of Munich. And in both cases, I walked out of the hospital as an outpatient the day of surgery. And I was virtually pain-free in a few weeks. I highly recommend Dr. DiFelice. He and his entire staff are top notch!!