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Adam Kolodny

Great Neck, NY
  • Adam Kolodny in the photo 1

I have always been an athlete, however in 2012 I began competing in triathlons along with 2 of my friends. I have competed in the NYC Triathlon and Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. In 2013, I signed up to run my first 1/2 marathon the NYC 1/2 marathon, which was in March of 2014. In November of 2013 I began to have pain and numbness up and down my left leg into my groin. I eased off my training but the pain/numbness would not go away. In fact it was actually getting worse and finally I could only get comfortable when standing or lying flat. At the insistence of my wife, I made an appointment to see an HSS physiatrist, whom had been recommended to me. Within the first 10 minutes of my visit and seeing my MRI, she diagnosed me with a bulging disk, which she explained was like jelly donut and the jelly was leaking out and pressing on my nerve. She recommend a steroid injection and of course I took her advice. Within days of the injection, my pain had gone away and within weeks, and physical therapy I was back to training. I ran my first 1/2 marathon 2 months later and have not looked back ever since. Nearly 2 years later, and 14 triathlons and running races, I have not had any of the leg or numbness I had when I walked into my physiatrist's office. I thank her every time I walk out the door to run, swim or bike......