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Adam Aronson

Brooklyn, NY
  • Adam Aronson in the photo 1

Growing up in New Orleans I recall my grandmother frequently making trips to HSS in New York where Dr. Callahan treated her. My aunt, my dad, and countless others have all relied on her talents as a medical doctor and the fantastic staff and facilities HSS brought to bear on their care.

Fast forward twenty years, I recently learned the awful, crippling pain and humility a herniated disc instills. While in that desperate state, a very talented physiatrist, cared for me. Four separate times since late 2014 she has helped me through back episodes, and each time I have interacted with her she has been so compassionate and helped get me "back in the game" again and again.

Having visited many medical facilities for myself, my family and others, I recognize Hospital for Special Surgery as an excellent institution, and I will always recommend it to others who may be in need.

Photo credit: Liz Ligon